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Born in England and raised in the United States and Japan. After graduating Brown University with Economics and International Relations degree, Rie joined McKinsey & Company in San Francisco as a new graduate. She was involved in medical, financial and public sector strategic planning and corporate finance projects. While working at McKinsey & Company, she went to Japan where she was assigned to Teach For Japan, a non-profit organization similar to Teach for America. After leaving McKinsey, she participated in launching new game venture businesses and overseas marketing for space ventures as a freelancer. In 2016, Rie established EventHub Co., Ltd., and started to offer the online business matching service "EventHub" since 2018.

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Masaya ISEKI (CTO)

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School. Masaya participated in the OSS development of Firefox (Gecko) in 2013 and became a committer, and later became a committer involved in the development of Google Chrome (Blink). After that, he engaged in research on cryptographic communication at graduate school. Recognized for his research results, he became a research assistant at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in 2015 and engaged in research on cryptography. In 2015, he gave a special lecture at a study group sponsored by the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. In 2016, Masaya received the Innovation Paper Award at SCIS, the largest security conference in Japan. He founded EventHub while attending graduate school.

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